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If it wasn’t a chapter from Linda’s past, it would be a perfect story line for a “Lifetime movie!” Linda has been homeless, a drunk, a victim of domestic violence, a drug dealer, hopeless and helpless. It’s that transparency about her past that provides the connection with her audience. We all have a past. She’s turned her life around and is now passionately helping others to do the same. Linda’s passion is to inspire women of all ages into positive action to live their best lives and to love the life they are living.

Linda’s Keynote presentations “Junk in Your Trunk”, “What Am I Supposed To Do Now”  and “All God’s Girls Wear Hats” provides a visual platform that will take your audience on a journey that will help free them of their past, and take the steps necessary to move their life forward starting from where they are right now.

Linda brings with her an authenticity that can only come from having carried the weight of her past and literally walking her talk in the healing of her own life. She now uses her journey as a message of hope to create a path for others to follow. She will hold their hand and walk with the women who are ready for her message.

If you want a speaker who will encourage, uplift, inspire and instruct your audience bring Linda to your event. She will work with you and your objectives and goals to make your event the best it can be while creating real opportunities for growth and healing. Linda also offers workshops, retreats, group and individual coaching that can be customized to support your audience.

Click here to download Linda’s one sheet

Click here to download Linda’s one sheet with everything you need to book her. – See more at:

Linda is the author of Your Past Has Passed and is a contributor to these popular blogs “It’s All About” and “”

She is dedicated to serving women through her inspirational message and real-life example.

Keynotes include;

  • Junk in your Trunk
  • What Am I Supposed To Do Now
  • All God’s Girls Wear Hats

All presentations are custom tailored and can be combined with a workshop to suit your goals and objectives.


  • Sanford Brown College
  • Engineering Consortium
  • Georgia Perimeter College – Women’s Conference
  • National Black Women’s Life Balance and Wellness Conference
  • Unity Fellowship Church
  • Y.W.C.A of Greater Atlanta
  • Clayton County Family Violence Center

What People Are Saying About Linda

  • Whether she’s helping you figure our your next steps or telling her life changing story from one of her workshops, Linda always has audiences sitting on the edge of their seats.
  • No hype. No ego. Just a wealth of knowledge, experience, skill, wisdom and a sincere desire to help people live meaningful lives.
  • With her unique blend of spiritual wisdom, cutting edge ideas and her down-to-earth no nonsense techniques, uplifts and empowers her audience.
  • Linda helps people around the world feel a sense of connection and solidarity.

Book Linda for your next event!

Call: 404-545-5291 Or Click here

Click here to download Linda’s one sheet


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