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People Pleasing

Why Are You Trying To Please Everybody? You might ask, “What’s wrong with wanting to please others?” There is nothing wrong with trying to please others-up to a point.  When your pleasing others begins to compromise your health and happiness, it has passed that point. It has become a serious problem when you feel as […]

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Where Is Your Focus?

The dictionary defines focus as “a point of concentration.” How many people do you know that dwell on petty nonsense or always seem to have the ability to point out the negative in any situation? Each of us is faced with challenges every day of our lives. It is not what happens to us that […]

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A New Year: A New You

It’s the beginning of a new year and it’s customary to look back at what you did and did not accomplish last year and begin to set new goals for this year. But, I think instead, we may need to focus on ourselves and who and where we are in our own personal growth and […]

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What’s on Your Mind?

WHAT’S ON YOUR MIND? DO YOU CONTROL YOUR THOUGHTS OR DO THEY CONTROL YOU? If someone were to ask you if you were living the life you dreamed about, what would your response be?  You would probably say an emphatic, no! Yet, your thoughts and ultimately, your words, create where you are in the present. […]

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How To Maintain Joy In Your Life

How did you start you day?  Did you greet the morning with the expectation of good things, with the intentionality of happiness, or did you feel like pulling the covers over your head, and like chicken  little, just burying yourself? Your thoughts as you begin your day, is a major factor in determining the level […]

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