“Prior to where I am now (and I’m still working towards my goals), Linda helped me to transform my life.  She helped me to see what I have to offer and how beautiful of a person I am and to build the courage to press forward. I remember the state of depression I was in.  I needed pills to get me up in the morning and pills to make me go to sleep at night.  It was absolutely horrible.  I was scared and yet I had 4 children; I was lonely.  With the assistance of Linda’s New Beginnings Coaching Program, I made it, the chains broke-link by link.  Linda transformed my life and with that, it transformed the lives of my children. Thank you. Sonya

Before Linda’s coaching, my world to me was scattered.  When Linda began to utilize the Life Wheel, I was able to see my world from a different angle and from a different perspective. It wasn’t that I was “off” or living outside of my means, but rather tackling things all together instead of one by one.  Now I am able to focus clearly and keep a steady stride.  Thank you. Allyson

When I began Linda’s coaching program, I had just been laid off for the first time in 25 years.  I was devastated and my confidence was shaken to the core.   Linda provided me with the tools that helped me tear down the facades that I had built up and deal with the true structure that was holding my life together.  I learned to move beyond my fear and uncertainty.  Linda’s New Beginning Coaching Program took me from where I was to begin moving towards my potential.  I thank Linda H. Williams for her guidance, love and passion to help women like myself.  I am eternally grateful.  Jeaniene





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